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These days, more and more people are choosing to add onto and/or remodel their homes rather than purchase a new one. This choice offers a number of advantages. These projects can typically increase the value of your property. They can ultimately provide you more equity to borrow against should you ever need to, and more resale value should you ever need to sell due to job relocation, etc. Plus, increasing the value of your home may allow you to refinance at a lower rate.

On a more emotional level, if you love your neighborhood – and enjoy your neighbors – why move away from them? If you have children, why ask them to leave their friends and schoolmates? Additions allow you to remain comfortably in your current home, where you’ve grown roots and developed a family history.

Remodeling: Our Roots

Remodeling is, in fact, where our own roots began. Belanger Builders started out as a remodeling company. Over the span of twenty-plus years in business, we’ve completed hundreds of additions, sunrooms, kitchens and complete home renovations.

We’re pleased to say that we’ve done so with a great level of customer satisfaction. We’ve built many long-term relationships with our customers. Several have invited us back for second and third projects, and recommended us to their friends and family. In fact, on average 80% of our clients become repeat clients.

We’re a full-service residential remodeling company with experience in all aspects of remodeling. We dedicate the right people to each job. Our project managers, superintendents, carpenters and trades people are of the highest caliber, with years of experience. We select only the best materials and subcontractors. Basically, we're choosy in everything we do.

Your Dream, Our Process

It all starts with your vision, your dream. 

Remodeling is not just a financial investment – it’s an emotional investment, too. We’ll work with you to create a design that blends your vision well with your home's existing architecture. We’re great at managing both sides of the design/build process. Our practice of working with truly exceptional area architects and suppliers provides you a great variety of choices, a higher level of service and greater overall satisfaction well after the project is completed.

We truly take a full-service, personal approach to each project. No ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions here. Every home, every dream, is different. We believe in open communication, we’re great listeners, and we’ll never overpromise. That’s just wrong! We’re known for delivering exactly what we promise on time and on budget – even for exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Of course, every builder talks about the quality of their work. We encourage you to check our references and hear what our clients have to say. We're ready to get your project off the ground. Give us a call.

We Offer You

Complete Home Renovations



Interior Remodeling




Exterior Remodeling

Our Reputation

“The president of the company, Steve Belanger, is very hands-on. He visited regularly, was always available by phone, and was a pleasure to work with. Whenever we came up with a desire, Steve always worked to figure out how to give us what we wanted. He was great with ideas, helped us find reasonable solutions, and even saved us money. Best of all, he is one of the most honest and honorable people we have had the pleasure to know.” - Bob and Kim Dennis

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