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Belanger Builders has been a Livingston County based company since 1990.  We specialize in custom new home construction and remodeling.  We also offer completed CAD Design services for home owners and contractors, and a host of other services to help you realize your dream. 

If you, like so many, have landed here on our site through a referral from one of our past clients, you probably already have an idea about how we work. That's ok - you'll still find plenty to see here. 

If you've arrived here via an internet search, please take a look at our "primer" on what BBI stands before to get you started. Thank you for visiting our site! We are grateful for your interest! 

Steve Belanger, President


B - Beauty. Be it a new custom home or a remodel, people are typically looking to enhance the beauty and comfort of their living space.  They want to live in a more inviting environment.  We have a reputation for providing lasting beauty, from initial design to the smallest construction details to the trusted brands.  You'll find more about this in the photos under our "Project Gallery" menu.

B - Best Practice.  Homes are like reputations, in that they require a solid foundation.  BBI has built our reputation on our unflagging commitment to best practices every step of the way.  You can learn more about this commitment on our "About" and "Affiliations" pages. You should also know that this commitment endures long after our crew leaves your home.  Our "Say Yes" approach to customer service means that your needs receive unparalleled attention before and long after our work is completed. 

I - Integrity.  Lots of companies talk about it.  We have a solid 20-year reputation for walking the walk.  Take a look at what past clients have to say about this under the "About" > "Testimonials" section.  Know that we are all about commitment and caring, doing everything we possibly can to deliver your dream on time and on budget, with a great degree of caring and creativity every step of the way. 


"The President of the company, Steve Belanger, is very hands-on.  He visited us regularly, was always available by phone, and was a pleasure to work with.  Whenever we came up with a desire, Steve always worked to figure out how to give us what we wanted.  He was great with ideas, helped us find reasonable solutions, and even saved us money.  Best of all, he is one of the most honest and honorable people we have had the pleasure to know." - Bob and Kim Dennis


Custom Homes on your lot our ours


ADA Modifications

Basement finishes


Full house renovations

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Commercial office build outs

Contact us for any of your construction needs. There is nothing we can not handle, whether it's a house or commercial property.  If for any reason we can not help you, we will refer you to a reputable source!

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