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We’ve satisfied a lot of people by delivering their dreams on time and on budget.

with a great degree of caring and creativity, every step of the way. 


We’re never quite satisfied with "US" unless we’re continually learning, growing – building on our skills, knowledge and commitment. You can find out more about this on our “Affiliations” page. There are always new techniques to learn, new technologies to apply, and new ways that we can make a positive difference for the customers and communities we serve.


Belanger Builders builds custom homes with limitless design and materials options. Each project we undertake is designed specifically to our clients’ tastes and needs, with no two homes being the same. After all, no two homeowners are alike. You are unique, with your own individual needs, desires and budget, specific to your situation. We get that. So there’s nothing you can dream of or ask for that we can’t build, and you’ll never hear us say, “we can’t do this.” We’re proud to offer the knowledge, talents and abilities that allow us that freedom. Be it a small custom closet with special cubbies for your shoes to a 20’ high x 40’ wide saltwater fish tank in your foyer to that new home built to optimize energy efficiency, we can do it and have done it. 

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